Spamassassin is well-trained.

Various french news sites report that Nicolas Sarkozy (french minister and head of the right-wing UMP party) is in the process of spamming french citizens with his crap propaganda. Strangely enough, I didn’t get his mail, although my mail address is probably in every spammer’s database… So I found a copy of the spam on Internet, looked at its headers, gave a look at my Postfix logs, and after grepping accordingly, it looks like I got it:

Sep 27 22:13:37 paperstreet postfix/smtpd[30891]: 7A11610334:[]
Sep 27 22:13:39 paperstreet postfix/qmgr[385]: 7A11610334: from=, size=10925, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Sep 27 22:13:39 paperstreet spamd[30935]: processing message <> for colin:1015.
Sep 27 22:13:43 paperstreet spamd[30935]: identified spam (7.8/5.0) for colin:1015 in 4.1 seconds, 10651 bytes.

Looks like my Spamassassin is well-trained and doesn’t miss any junk, after all! :-)