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0.30 defect/KLOC

samedi, février 21st, 2009

I’ve had Claws-Mail added to Coverity’s scanner. The first result is : 0.30 report per 1000 lines of code. This is quite good I think, although these metrics aren’t a holy graal and static checking doesn’t catch everything.

There are 91 reports to look at, which I’ll start doing tomorrow evening – I’ll be alone at home this week, will use this time to bugfix!

Update: 6 reports remain, which are false positives. The fixed problems were mainly resource leaks (either fds or memory allocations), missing NULL checks when dereferencing pointers — most of them harmless but good to have fixed anyway, and uninitialized variables. No horrible bug was found by Coverity’s scanner, just corner cases. I’ve also ran some external plugins through it, and most of them are rather clean, with the exception of VCalendar, where most reports are due to libical which uses an apparently confusing memory allocation/free scheme.

The 3.6.0 release was painful

lundi, octobre 6th, 2008

Paul released 3.6.0 on last Friday, with a bit of pain which could have been avoided by two things: checked translations with msgfmt -c (which translators seem to often forget), and a better interface (which is a long-standing problem).

Then I’ve started to package it and then, the problems started:

Me after the 3.6.0 release

  • It crashed hard on Maemo – due to the new menu code. Fixed.
  • I forgot to include the new Enchant dependancy in Ubuntu packages, breaking the spellchecker. Rebuilt, fixed. Fixed?
  • The MIME parts icons were invisible on Maemo, for strange Gtk widget requisitions problems. It had always worked everywhere… Fixed, anyway.
  • Multiple, strange crashes happened to Ubuntu users in extra plugins – due to my rebuild of the core with spellchecker support, which changed structures sizes, and I didn’t rebuild extra plugins, making plugins look in the wrong place for preferences, for example. Fixed.
  • Crashes in vCalendar, due to a « leak fix » I did which in reality introduced a double-free. Fixed. (The first one to say that gotos are evil gets my foot to the bottom – gotos aren’t evil. Programmer’s stupidity is).
  • SSL handshakes failures with some IMAP servers using my Ubuntu packages. A bug I introduced in libetpan when built against GnuTLS. Fixed in libetpan, and fixed in Claws.

It now seems to be under control, but most of these problems are in the source of libetpan 0.56, Claws Mail 3.6.0 and vCalendar 2.0.1, which means that if my packages work, packages made by other people, not aware of these issues, contain this issue. So, we plan to release a 3.6.1 at the end of the week if Paul can, and Hoa plans to release libetpan 0.57, so that our lives and users’ lives are easier during the next development cycle.

And all of these problems are my own fault, which makes it very frustrating. I hate releasing crap, and all of these, apart the invisible-icon-on-Maemo bug, could have been avoided if I double-checked stuff a bit better at the time I did it.

Oh, and Mandriva packages have not been done, because their SVN is frozen for the 2009.0 release. I had been annoyed by that at first, but in the end, maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t push that into their release!

Preparing the 3.6.0 release, and Windows news

lundi, septembre 29th, 2008

It’s been a while since the last post… So, Clo is still more pregnant than ever, and the due date is in less than two weeks now. I could become a father in the next hours!

Waiting for this to happen, and given that everything’s ready towards the baby’s arrival, I tried to help make Claws Mail 3.6.0 a really good release.

After two release candidates, most of the bugs seem ironed out; I’ve prepared the most I could to be able to quickly build packages after the release, as I usually do Mandriva, Maemo and Ubuntu packages, it can take quite a bit of time and that’s if nothing fails. I often experience Murphy’s law when trying to build packages.

As if these three distribution packages weren’t enough, I started looking at the Windows issues that the Gpg4win team faced. I was tired of having a crappy broken build of 3.0.0-rc2 with no SSL and no IMAP. So the good news is that currently, the SVN version of Ggp4win builds Claws Mail 3.5.0cvs138, with the following notable changes:

  • IMAP
  • SSL
  • NNTP
  • No more leaking 50 megs when changing folders
  • Various buglet fixes (crashers, annoyances)
  • Better integration to the windows theme
  • Notification plugin
  • RSSyl plugin
  • VCalendar plugin
  • GtkHTML2 Viewer plugin

It’s most probably not bug free, but at least it starts to have a large enough subset of Claws’ feature not to be ashamed of it.

Users of the old windows versions are encouraged to start from scratch (by removing Claws-Mail and mailboxes from %APPDATA%).

You can get the (now current) installer here: gpg4win-light-1.9.8-svn929.exe.

Ancien article sur Sylpheed-Claws

mercredi, août 20th, 2008

Il y a quelques jours, Unixgarden a publié sur son site un ancien article que j’avais écrit pour Linux Pratique, qui visait à présenter Sylpheed-Claws — qui ne s’appelait pas encore Claws Mail :-)

Voici l’article. Ça me fait de vieux souvenirs, je l’ai écrit entre la version 1.9.14 et 1.9.15, c’est à dire début octobre 2005. Le canal IRC était #sylpheed, sur IRCNet. On avait encore le plugin ClamAV, pas encore de plugin PDF re-disparu depuis, et les plugins TNEF Parser, SpamReport, S/MIME, RSSyl, GtkHtmlViewer, AttRemover, AttachWarner et Archiver n’existaient pas encore. On a fait du chemin :-)

Lots of things

dimanche, août 17th, 2008

It’s been a long time since I last blogged! I’ve been really busy with real life…

As you may know, dear reader, my wife (Clo) is pregnant and we’ll have a baby soon (in about 50 days !), so we’ve been preparing stuff in advance. Over the last monthes, we’ve redone the floor in the future baby’s room, created cupboards, painted things, we’ve boughtfurniture , we’ve moved our « office » in the living room, we’ve built a few things, we spent time in baby stores to make lists, see what we needed, buy a few things, etc.

Now we’re almost ready, so we’re waiting :-)

Also, there’s been a whole lot of people at home to visit us – both of my sisters, Clo’s brother, my mother, Clo’s parents, … Very nice! If only we knew we’d just have to make babies to bring them over! ;-p

Yes, I’ve been linking to Clo’s blog everywhere. Not my fault if she blogs more than me!

On the Claws Mail front, I’ve put some days off to use and, following the announce of the GTK team of GTK+3, I’ve removed every fucking deprecated line in our source code and rewrote code that worked; just because the GTK+ guys can’t be bothered with keeping deprecated code around, I’ve rewritten about 10.000 lines, I think. Thanks, dudes. We’ve also been able to fix a good number of bugs, and added support for client SSL certificates.

Maybe we’ll release soon…

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