IMAP-based diplomatic incidents

I’m currently in the process of fixing Claws’ IMAP code, which

  • blocks
  • sucks in a more general manner, especially wrt speed

Fixing blocking is painful but simple. I chose the multithread way, look at the big functions that freeze the interface and move their work into an helper thread (while the main thread does gtk_main_iteration()s). With help from Hoa I managed to get this working quite nice. Now there still are some functions to fix.

Fixing the suckage, on the other hand, is less simple. I actually have to try and understand the IMAP4 protocol, something I managed to keep away from since a long time.

This of course, takes time, especially when asking for tests, and so it’s been two evenings I spent almost only on my iBook. Which makes Clo unhappy – she hates going to bed alone. Such diplomatic incidents must be taken into account and the time needed to handle them should be substracted to the time spent in front of the computer – not added – or things could get worse. I love her anyway :-)