Hell freezes over

  • Debian Sarge is out since today.
  • Apple will switch to Intel processors by 2007. The marketing guys are gonna get a hard time when thinking about future ads: « Oh wait, we’re not supposed to bash Intel anymore »! I wonder if they’ll start providing mice with more than one button… ;-)

Clo and I spent the week-end in the middle of nowhere (Glénic, Creuse – probably 200 inhabitants!) with my parents (and sisters) and hers. The official goal of the week-end was to present our parents, who didn’t knew each others yet, and to talk about « serious wedding stuff » (aka, discuss funding).

That was nice. On the contrary to this photo’s suggestion, the weather was almost perfect, we got enough time to do all of what we wanted, and our respective parents liked each others. (this will help, I’m sure).