Some news – at last!

Hello, dear abandoned readers, and happy new year!

I’ve not been very verbose on my blog this last month… Let’s try to fix that!

I’ve been pretty busy, first with holidays, where we drove over two tousand kilometers to Clo’s father’s place, then to my parents’, then back to Clo’s father’s. These were great holidays, we’ve been able to see about everybody we wanted to see on such occasions, and we’ve been able to rest quite well, as this is the moment that our son Paul chose to… start sleeping complete nights! Yay! So, since December 19th, we enjoy normal nights with no 3 am wake-up (well, actually Paul woke up once or twice since, but that’s a good ratio anyway).

We came back in Toulouse a few days after the new year, only to find that our heating pipes started leaking during the holidays. Yay. One more apartment problem. We really didn’t need this, as this means no heating… in January… with three months old Paul :-(

Since then we’ve started Cold War with our landlord, who is rather reluctant to pay for the fixes — it’s not as if he had the choice, as a decent apartment is required by law and decency includes heating — but he’s taking his time. We’re trying to leverage the little power we have, and we should have news next week now. He won’t be able to escape for much longer.

Don’t worry, in the meantime we have backup heaters which suck a lot of electricity, but keep the flat approximately warm. We decided two weeks ago that Clo and Paul should go spend two weeks at her father’s, in order to enjoy a normal modern house with heaters in all rooms, so we went there (on the Atlantic coast) on January 23rd… and woke up the 24th after the Klaus storm with an electricity outage. In Clo’s father modern house, no electricity means no light, no heating, and no hot water. Thanks, Murphy. At least this house has manual shutters, contrary to his neighbors who have electric shutters and thus were condemned to live in the dark with candles the whole day !

In the end, Clo decided to stay, waiting for the power to come back; it came back on the following thursday, but they managed to get an extra heater too, so lived well through this. Clo blogged about it when internet came back :)

Apart from this, I’m doing approximately five differents things at once at work — five interesting things! In particular I’m starting a new intranet project which involves starting from scratch and use interesting technologies I’ve not used a lot, like AJAX. It makes the development very fun and, combined with clean object-oriented PHP5, very fast. I’m amazed at the ease of progression, plugging bricks with each other.

All of this explains why I seem to have fallen out of Internet…