Water. Cold, hot, dirty, everywhere

Insert insanities here.
When we left to Valleraugue for our holidays, my coworker Cristina offered to take care of our cat. Just the day after we left, she called us with some good news: our water boiler (200 litres) basically exploded from the top, leaving lots of water in the hall. She took care of it (many thanks again!), cut the water supply, and we handled it when coming back. From August 2nd to 9th, we only had cold water to shower. Finally, yesterday morning, the plumber came and changed the boiler, and we enjoyed a normal shower. Then we left for a restaurant to celebrate that.

During the dinner, a quite big thunderstorm happened and we joked about how I’ll find dead servers at work; then we came back to our place, and… found that the room that serves as our ‘office’ was flooded! Lots of water had came in through the roof, and the roof of the office was completely cracked and deformed by something that looks suspiciously like many litres of water. We quickly put a bucket where the water fell down, then proceeded to remove the important stuff from the room. My iBook, you guessed it, was located just at the vertical of the falling water. Completely showered, it had shutdown by itself and the AC adapter light was orange, which means « charging ». I removed the battery, which looks completely dead (none of its charge LEDs light up when I press its button). I proceeded to take the iBook apart and put it on top of the servers, so that it could dry… I’ll see this evening if it agrees to come back to life, but I have to say I don’t really have much hope.
It was about midnight when we finished. We went to bed and somehow managed to sleep.

This morning Clo wakes me up panicked, telling it’s raining in the bedroom. Hopefully, it was not, as we saw when we turned the light on. But the 15litres bucket in the office was full, and the water, that was still falling from the roof, flooded the entire room, passed under the door, in the hall, and under the door, to the bedroom.

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