Registar switch

Back in may 2001, I grabbed my first domain name, I wanted to stop switching URL each time I switched the hosting. At the time I had no debit card, and I chose the first registrar I found which accepted payment by cheque,

Since then, I grumbled and grumbled each time I had to log in to their web administration interface, for domain renewal, DNS glue records updates, etc ; but out of habit, I bought two more domain names from them : my wife‘s, and a second one I had.

Finally, last week, after more failing glue records updates, I switched my domain and my wife’s domain to I left the third one on amen, as I don’t plan on renewing it, it’s useless for me to keep two domain names.

I knew Gandi beforehand as it’s the registrar for my work’s domain, and I’m glad I did the switch. Their interface is multiple times better, it does what it has to do and doesn’t bug out when hitting Submit with not even an error message.