I got a bottle of south-african wine in the mail, as promised at This is a marketing experimentation: provide samples to bloggers and let word-of-mouth advertise your product. Nice idea, I have to say, especially since the wine tasted good!

Trying to get my rear brakes changed. Not as easy as it sounds, as I have an old Mazda. No one never has the spare parts handy and I always have to wait over a week to have things done.

We’re heading towards 2.0 quite nicely, the CVS commits have really slowed down and it should be a good release. The new manual got some big progress over the last week, it may be ready soon!
The development pace slowed a bit less in the external plugins world. I finally got enough motivation to finish to implement webcal subscriptions in the vCalendar plugin. It works fine for me, and i didn’t get much feedback so everything should be OK.
In the same kind of stuff, Ticho is progressing nicely on a brand new RSSyl plugin that looks great – RSS feed subscriptions directly from your favorite mailer! I can’t wait to have some code to test. I already saw promising screenshots. go Ticho, go!