Spam, Copy-Control


Some asshole sent out a batch of spam using my address as From: address. It’s the second time already… I came back at the computer today and found 58 bounces in my mailbox. ISPs, maybe it’s time you start using SPF?


Last time I bought an Asian Dub Foundation album, I found it to be copy-protected and had a hard time ripping it to mp3s, in order to listen to it on my mp3 player. I wrote about it there, explaining how it only annoys « honest comsumers » and not « pirates ». I also emailed Asian Dub to tell them about it. Yesterday I bought their last album, Tank, and noticed it’s not copy-protected. I don’t know if my email helped that, but it’s a smart move. I spoke about it with the Fnac vendor, who told me majors had a lots of returns due to these protection schemes. Nice to see things can move !