The miracles of Intellectual Property

So, Sony/BMG released some audio CDs with a new DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) system to prevent their copy. The problem is that this DRM system comes in the form of a rootkit (a piece of software that is used to take control of a computer, that is: a pirate tool), and this has been widely published even in mainstream press. Blackhats (pirates) already started exploiting this rootkit. After this fiasco, Sony/BMG put a tool online to allow uninstalling the rootkit, but, bad luck! it comes with worse problems putting Windows users at risk when they simply surf on the web.

Microsoft reacted by stating that they will update their anti-spyware tool to uninstall the rootkit. Interestingly, this is circumventing a copy-protection measure, also known as a DMCA violation. Will Sony/BMG dare to sue Microsoft on this ground?

One last thing, this DRM system includes parts of LAME, a free (as in freedom) mp3 encoder which is licensed under the LGPL. Of course, they don’t offer to download the source code as the license requires them to do. Will the LAME developers dare, as copyrights holders, to sue Sony/BMG?

Or will they just shut up, as the MP3 algorithm they use is patented, to avoid drawing attention to them and risk getting sued by Fraunhofer and THOMSON, the MP3 patent holders ?