Crazy ideas

This post by Miguel de Icaza makes me wonder whether it’s April 1st already.

I could export [my photos] to a folder and then scp the files over, but thats just because am a beautiful and unique snowflake. Other non-hacker types might not be able to pull the scp trick.

Non-hackers types will have, I’m sure, no problem using Gnome VFS to « mount » distant FTP or SSH sites (File/Connect to server... menu item). If said non-hacker has no remote web space, sharing locally is bound to fail as soon as the user is NATed or firewalled, so this is not a solution.

F-Spot coult have a « File/Web Share » which would basically run an HTTP server. In the particular case of F-Spot it can just embed our embeddable web server and expose the pictures with an ASP.NET application.

Embedding web servers in apps is a terrible idea, not only with regards to feature duplication but also security. Web-servers already provide easy means for users to publish stuff (~/public_html for Apache for example), they’re powerful and well-tested.
Mentioning ASP.NET is just the icing on the cake…

For this particular case [music sharing], a general purpose web interface can be cooked, and the media playback could be a Flash-based MP3 player (these are very easy to produce with FlashMX).

Flash-based, sure! What the hell ? Flash is proprietary, works like crap on Linux-x86, doesn’t work on any other arch or free operating system. Last I heard, GNOME was still about free-software, have things changed while I was not looking or are you a bit off there?

Please tell me you were joking…