iBook: dead.

So, after the shower that my iBook got, it doesn’t boot anymore… Nothing happens at all when I press the power button (either on battery, either on A/C). I have to replace it, but as I lack funding to do so, I’ve sent a call for donations on the sylpheed-claws-users mailing list:


there’s been a big storm in Toulouse yesterday evening, and the roof of
our apartment’s « office » leaked a few litres of rain water, which fell
just on my iBook, during one or two hours, while we were away. Gory
details are on my blog for the curious…

After taking it apart and letting it dry for the whole day, I tried to
boot it back, and it’s dead. :-(

So I’m really in need of a new computer now, as my girlfriend’s PC is a
really outdated thing that works when it agrees to and compiles Claws
in about one hour; but I completely lack the money to buy it. The laptop
I plan on buying costs about 1200 euros.

If you users want to help me, it’d be really, really nice of you to
donate something to my paypal account (which is colin@colino.net)… It
would work with about 120 donations of 10 euros… Given the
« approximate subscribers’ count » stated by Sourceforge, that could work.

Many thanks,

So far, I’ve received about 60€. Thanks to the people who donated…