Twilight zone

We have a user from the twilight zone (although he tries to hide as a French). He always has some unreproduceable bugs with stack traces straight from the X-Files. Hopefully, there’s often a real reason. Excerpt of the last bug-chasing-session (slightly edited):

<wwp>   any volunteer for a short bug chasing session?
<wwp>   I got a brand new one!
<claws> really?
<wwp>   and re-pro-duc-ti-ble
[...wwp describes his bug...]
<colin> I can't reproduce :-)
<claws> i can't reproduce it either
<colin> your backtraces show crashes inside gtk_clist_unselect_all and GTK_EVENTS_FLUSH()
<wwp>   hm
<colin> it looks like some compilation issue or something strange, too
<wwp>   hmmmm
<colin> you already had crashes in GTK_EVENTS_FLUSH(), if i remember well, that was when you had a strange binary
<wwp>   a strange binary..
<colin> yeah, remember, the one compiled with two differents gccs ;-)
<wwp>   let me check if gtk+ 2.6 has been compiled w/ the same compiler
<wwp>   shit you're right
<wwp>   ff........ckkkk
<claws> [slap]