I’m quite impatient to get the next release(s) out of the door… There will be, very soon, both 2.2.0 and 2.1.2 releases… While 2.1.2 will be rather « unsexy » as a bugfix release, it should be the most stable of 2.1.x branch, adapted to people not wanting the new features.

Concerning 2.2.0, we’ll have a few nice things to present you, especially an IMAP on steroids, a system to help sysadmins deploy Sylpheed-Claws on a large scale, and other goodies… With all of 2.1.2’s bugfixes, of course.

Meanwhile, our bugzilla’s open bug count is lower than ever, with 15 bugs open, 12 of them being enhancements requests… Nice !