Claws 1.9.9 and further

We released Sylpheed-Claws 1.9.9 last week. Looks like a good release, as it’s been quite silent on the mailing-list on the subject. Silence means good release, while endless threads means bugs (reality is sometimes harsh)…

One thing that kept coming again and again, however, is the status of the spelchekcer, which was badly broken on gtk2. I finally tried to fix these problems, which looked like trivial, but ended up with a long hacking session yesterday night, finishing at 2:52 AM. With some breaks and sleep in between, in the end I’ve spent about 2 hours on this.
In the end 1.9.9cvs10 seems stable wrt spell checking, so maybe we’ll get a new release soon: this bugs really annoys some users, especially users of some packaging system that doesn’t allow the maintainer to re-upload the gtk1 version after it’s been superceded by the gtk2 one. Version numbering problem, i guess!