New ride

English readers of this place may not know yet, but this post was about me quitting smoking. So, yes, I’ve quit smoking since a month, 39 days to be precise :-)

Given how I feel in better shape, especially in the body parts involved in breathing (allergies, asthma), I decided it was time to ditch my old, rusty and un-fun bike that my dad gave me 10 years ago and which has been built in 1992 or something (yes, if I treat myself with a bike after one month, I wonder what I’ll find after one year…). This old Giant Coldrock is now officially retired, and replaced by a brand new Giant (can’t help, they make good bikes) Rincon which is until now a very nice ride. I’ve only used it in the city for now, but I can’t wait to put some mud on it.

The mandatory pictures :

Photo courtesy

Old Giant Coldrock – Photo courtesy

new Giant Rincon - photo courtesy

new Giant Rincon – photo courtesy Giant bicycles

All of this doesn’t help me patch Claws Mail…