Ripping off audiophools, $500 at a time

I’ve seen this mentioned in a few geek news outlets, the Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable. 1.5 meters of CAT5 cable for $500 — but then your music will sound so much better than with $1.5 cables !

The Amazon reviews are mostly hilarious. I wonder how large the target market can be for this, which is the perfect example of Snake Oil Product :-) The tags are mostly right.


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Me notifier des

I see that you’re no audiophile! :)

Pierre Phaneuf

Same thing with HDMI cables. I totally understand wanting the best shielding possible for cables transporting analog data, but man, you really need to be watching TV in the middle of an electric storm to need 120$ HDMI cables!

In the middle of electric storms, I’m generally too busy with running for my life to watch TV, myself. ;-)

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