iPod back up :-)

A few days ago I was annoyed at hard disks, after the little one in my iPod died. I considered buying a brand new iPod, but I didn’t really want to spend 250 euros on a shiny new mp3 player that has a color screen, whereas my scratched old mp3 player with its black and white screen… plays music just as well, and that’s all I want.

So I ordered just the hard disk from an Ebay seller (which I recommend if you need the same…) for only 40 dollars. I received it today, swapped the disks, and reformated the iPod following a nice howto which spared me the shame of begging a colleague for a Windows machine with iTunes installed. (Yes, it’s a geeky howto involving fdisk and dd, but I’m not scared at all by the shell, and I don’t care about whether it’s user friendly or not. It’s Colin friendly, and that’s all I want).

And now it works again just fine, and gained 10GB of capacity in the process :-)