Damn moving parts!

Hard disks are fragile. I know it since a while, and I’m prepared: I have good, up to date backups made automatically every night or week, depending on the data’s importance. OK, I know it! but I’m getting tired of it: Saturday, smartd reports read errors on my server’s /dev/hdc. I order two IDE disks (in order to have a spare available next time). Sunday, my mother calls me for help: her iBook’s hard disk has failed utterly just before she did a migration to her new laptop. 4 years of data lost; doing backups was on her to-do list since a year, but the old saying is verified again: no one does backup properly until they experience a loss of important, unique data (like digital pictures or emails). And today, I get on my train back from work, power on the ipod, but no music for me:

I ordered an 1.8″ disk (for about eight times less than a new iPod, but still, it’s annoying.)