BASE jumping: Monkey!

So, there’s a monkey I know of… Not that it’s mine or anything, mind you… Anyway, that monkey tried parachuting about fifteen years ago. At this time the technology wasn’t anything near perfect, and Monkey gave up after trying to jump with plastic groceries bags.

Now Singi-Singea (it’s his name. He’s from France.) wanted to try again, this time with professional gear, that is a home-sewn round parachute ! After the long engineering phase came time to test the brand new canopy.

The first tests were quite disappointing. Streaming malfunctions, tensions knots, line entanglements… Thankfully he managed to track beautifully and land on soft pillows each time — which is the only reason he’s still there to share the joice of his first successful experience!

Finally it was decided that static line jumps would be more easy at first. The static line anchor has been provided by my girlfriend Clo, always willing to help — as long as noone’s looking. And little monkey made his first jump, and it has even been filmed.

Still from the jump

This is not perfect yet. Monkey insisted on getting a high-performance canopy (round… yes…) and as monkeys can’t flare, he’s getting hard landings. Well.His choice!
Stay in touch for the next attempt from a much higher building!