Don’t take nice things for granted

Go to bed late, scratch your cat’s back, watch it jump off the bed, think it’s been a while since you played with him, fall asleep.

Surprinsingly enough, the next morning you make it to the kitchen without your cat in your feet as usual, and ten minutes later as it’s still not around, it’s becoming evident that it’s not at home anymore – Cowboy never disappears. You don’t know whether he jumped from the window, or whether he fell – let’s suppose he fell, because 10 meters is too high for a cat to decide to jump. Luckily he fell on grass, and weighing only 2.5 kilograms, he probably had no problem to get a soft landing.

You’re starting to worry about your one year old cat that knows nothing about the outside, the city, the dogs, the other cats, the cars, you spend hours looking for it in the vicinity, print out eighty « lost » posters, paste them all over the place, and wait for the evening, the calm and fresh hours, to go back and look for your cat everywhere, in every garden, under every parked car, inside every unlocked cellar, discussing with nice neighbours who, unfortunately, didn’t see your cat but hope you’ll find it back.

A few people call you because they’ve seen your poster and may have found your cat, but each time, it’s not yours. You keep seeing these cats everywhere, but they’re not your cat. A sick coward with an hidden caller ID calls you to tell you your cat’s dead, you can almost hear the laugh in the asshole’s voice, and you don’t believe him, and you don’t believe such people can exist.
Every night you spend two hours looking around, each time finding nothing.

Five days later, going to work after one more quick look around, you’re starting to get your hopes a little bit higher – he’s probably hungry now, maybe less scared? Maybe he’ll try to get home this evening? A few minutes before noon, someone calls you to tell he found a dead cat resembling yours, but this guy you believe, because he sounds annoyed for you, and you know it’s your cat that’s been ran over by a car before he finished reading the tattoo.