Ubuntu breezy rocks.

I upgraded my laptop from Ubuntu Hoary to Breezy wednesday evening, just before the release, using apt-get dist-upgrade. Everything went fine, not a single problem arose. Nice! The new Ubuntu makes one more (big) step towards the « Just Works » paradigm, and it impresses me a lot.

Today I upgraded my computer at work, from Mandriva LE2005, to the released Breezy, and did not face real problems either, apart that Breezy ships with gcc-4.0. gcc-4.0 is fine and I use it at home, but it chokes on the linux 2.4 kernel, and we use it here. I just had to apt-get remove gcc-4.0; apt-get install gcc-3.3.

One of nice effects of the Breezy at work is that xchat – which we use to communicate between us – does not disconnect anymore when I lock the screen. Mandriva did that.

Ubuntu, still, lacks an important thing to tend towards perfection. They’d have to stop shipping Evolution as the default mailer, and replace it with Sylpheed-Claws. ;-)