vCalendar’s views: poll!

Which one do you prefer, and should be the default view for vCalendar?

vCalendar list view (thumbnail)

vCalendar day view (thumbnail)

vCalendar month view (thumbnail)

Poll is here!


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Me notifier des
Michaël P.
Michaël P.

I want them all, and an option to switch from one to another :-)

Simon Kågström

The week view is probably my favourite, although I think the list is interesting as well.

Seeing the list reminds me of another of my not-very-important improvements that could be done to claws: adding separators in the list of mails and a small heading for mails arriving today, yesterday, thursday, …, like it looks in outlook.

I realise that an obstacle for this is email threading (which I use heavily and very much appreciate), but I guess one could split threads by day as well.

Thanks for your work on claws by the way. I never thought it would be this easy to migrate from the Emacs Wanderlust client, so I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the Wanderlust keybindings!

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