Sylpheed-Claws in fast forward mode

Lots of things happening with Sylpheed-Claws development these days… Paul released 2.1.0 on Thursday; it was initially planned on Monday, but Sourceforge’s CVS problems prevented us to do it on time. Anyway, 2.1.0 is out and seems stable so far. Only one crasher has been reported, one that happens only with some versions of GTK. This prompted me to finally start a -stable branch. We’ll see if it isn’t too much work to merge fixes in this branch…

The long feature-freeze before 2.1.0 allowed some of us to gather a few kilobytes of patches, and we flushed all of this just after release. So, the next release will, very probably, be 2.2.0 as we already put in some new features: S/MIME support (although in an external plugin), a configuration template for the wizard that will please sysadmins trying to deploy Sylpheed-Claws in their organization, eye-candy in the MessageView messages, and a french translation for the manual, mentioned here yesterday. The manual is kept up-to-date this far, which is better than the previous thing we had!
Finally, I’ve put printed versions of the manual online at, both the english and the french one. seems to be a good service, a bit like Cafepress, but for books. I hope people will like these manuals, because they’ll make me rich (one day. at $1.40 per copy, maybe I’ll be rich in 2020).

The french manual The english manual