Time passes too fast

A few rapid things :)

  • 10 days ago I’ve been to Anne and Erwan’s wedding. Long trip, but great time, I was happy to share this moment with them and to meet half of #mandrivafr in the process :-)
  • last week, holidays at Clo’s parents’ new place, where I helped her father with his move. Lots of real-world-hacking, lots of fun, and a good way to empty the mind…
  • this week, Claws Mail 2.10.0 has been released, with lots of improvements. CVS already has new features that had been asked for a few times, tagging and sorting by thread date.
  • this week-end, my little sister’s wedding with William :-)
  • and next week, I should become the happy owner of a Nokia n800, thanks to Guido Rudolphi ! That will, hopefully, allow me to better test and improve Claws’ Maemo port