Claws: idiotic bugs

Paul pointed me to a few crashers in Sylpheed-Claws last night. Crashes happened when you unloaded some plugins, then used features these plugins extended. In the end the fixes were stupid one-liners about missing de-registration, like in mailmbox:

 void plugin_done(void)
+        folder_unregister_class(mailmbox_get_class());

Leaving the folder_class registered and unloading the code that handled it was, of course, condemned to bug. It looks like non-sexy stuff like unloading a plugin isn’t tested enough. Who’d want to unload my nice plugin anyway !?
While I was at it, I made a few other micro-fixes from place to place.
Still about Claws… Hoa’s IMAP work, which consists of replacing the bag of hacks that was imap.c with a libetpan-based solution, does not get a huge feedback on the mailing-list. Congrats Hoa, that means that it works for most of the people ;-)

Finally, don’t forget to cross your fingers about software patents in the EU today.