Claws 1.9.12 feedback

I gave a look at various places to see which kind of feedback the last release got. So far, not a single crasher has been reported, nor any outstanding bug. Cool.
People wrote:

  • How about [ghostscript-viewer] for Sylpheed-Claws 1.9.x?
  • I still have two major wishes regarding cut-n-paste and reformatting. […] I’m not trying to nag, but can you please also answer my wish-list question?
  • Will there be a binary release of 1.9.12 for Debian experimental branch?

Not… disappointed… at all. ;-)

Ok, we already got some nice feedback:
<ticho> mm, claws truly rocks now
<ticho> whoa, guys, did you feed the new claws some steroids or something? it’s much faster with larger amounts of emails in a folder.

And there, too.