« The kernel SCM saga »

Looks like the free-as-in-beer Bitkeeper will soon disappear. You probably read about it all over the internet so I don’t have to explain the causes and consequences of this Bitmover decision.

I personnally don’t care very much, as I don’t hack on Linux quite enough to need such a solution. A few scripts to handle the patches I make or use are more than enough for me. However I really hope it won’t disrupt the flow, as the Linux machinery was working really nicely these days, mainly thanks to Andrew Morton and Bitkeeper. Let’s hope they’ll find some good solution. Also, I find it curious that Stallman didn’t yet issue a noisy told-you-so speech – he was right all along, after all.

Still speaking about Linux, I just finished my first week at my new workplace; it’s been delighting to work there this week, and I certainly hope it’ll continue! I’m employed as part-time sysadmin, part-time developer, depending on the work load. This week I’ve mainly been a sysadmin, and I get to play^W work on nice X86_64 bi-processor servers, make them work with Infiniband NICs and so on. Really interesting!