Making the zd1201 driver work

There’s a new driver in 2.6.12-rc1, for the zd1201 chipset found in some USB wifi sticks. As I have one, I tried it. I had to patch a Makefile to get it to build.
The driver works really well, I found only two glitches: monitor mode wouldn’t work. I finally found out why. This is so easy to see the problem when you have the patch in front of your eyes, yet it took me a while to spot these!
Also, I noticed I couldn’t associate with my accesspoint when it was configured to use the Shared key algorythm instead of Open system. I found the reason by looking at the old driver based on linux-wlan-ng that Zydas released.
So now it works perfectly :-) I expected these three patches to be included soon in the mainline kernel.

Apart from that, I noticed that my hacked netapplet leaks awfully. I’ll have to give a look at that.