Nice weekend.

Started the weekend early, as I took a day off on Friday. We went to Albi with Clo, took some photos (B&W shots to be developed, scanned and uploaded). It was really cold and we even had a little snow!

Did not work on Sylpheed-Claws; did not work on anything, almost didn’t touch the computer, apart for reading mail and loading the iPod I just bought with lots of mp3s. GtkPod works great. I had to tweak my auto mounting script to ignore the iPod, and created a mounter and unmounter script that are automatically run by gtkpod.

Firewire works fine in linux 2.6.10. The iPod charges over firewire when plugged in; if plugged via USB2, it only charges when there is no file transfer taking place. It can also charge via a wall socket, the AC/DC adaptor has a firewire plug to minimize the number of different cables used.
Nice piece of stuff.