Ok, while annoying my sister who doesn’t post enough, I realised I didn’t post anything since a month. So, here are some things.

  • I’m disgusted by the presidential election’s results in the first round; which means I’ll be disgusted, whatever happens, by the final result. Crap like that tend to happen every five years
  • I’m kind of busy these days, with : a trip to Mérignac this week-end to watch Yann drive a Porsche on a track (his birthday’s gift), a week-end at my mother’s place next week-end, my move planned mid-May (staying in Toulouse, but in a better place — lots of boxes to fill!), work, Claws development, a wedding in June, two weddings in July, …
  • I’m happy to see Claws Mail get so much positive feedback from the Maemo community, while still nicely improving on its base platform, desktop POSIX. It seems like we’re doing something right, and that’s nice to see the team efforts are not in vain :)
  • Hoa is back online after waiting three months for his crappy provider to reconnect him! Welcome back Hoa :)