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Stravomatic: an Android app to automatically start Strava rides

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

This week-end I remembered that when I got my new phone, it counted my steps on its own, and I looked up why. I discovered that there’s a Google Play Service that enables developers to get the user’s activity (walking, running, cycling etc) and I decided to try to code my first Android app: Stravomatic.

I use Strava since a few years and find it great to keep track of statistics , but sometimes I forget to start it each morning and evening when commuting.

Development went much better than I expected and I think I have a good and reliable app that starts a Strava activity if I start bicycling (or running) (for completeness, because I never run) (apart this week-end where I went around the garden numerous times for testing). It’s a simple app with a settings page and a background component that keeps track of what happens :

As it doesn’t use GPS, and takes advantage of Google Play Services, it doesn’t seem to take a noticeable toll on the battery, so I’m quite happy about that.

I published it on Google Play : Stravomatic, and I’m quite proud about it! I hope it’ll help other forgetful people :)

A week with little Paul

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Since I’m out of a job, I’ve got some time these days, and I spent the last three days with Paul. It was nice !

On monday we went to my ex-job in order to help Lynette (the HR person) getting internet back, We went by bike with Paul in the Gobug trailer. I was afraid he would be cold, but in fact he was a bit too hot with all of the ski outfit… We went to the restaurant with Lynette and two other ex-colleagues, it was a nice moment and Paul has been very nice : after he ate his meal first, he spent time looking around, walking around, and he didn’t disturb us at all !

Paul is now walking all by himself, since about two weeks. He’s getting good now, and he doesn’t need help  or a piece of furniture anymore to stand up.

He’s trying to eat by himself too. This gets a little messy on the table.

Yesterday, we stayed at home, and played together when he wasn’t asleep. I’ve read his favourite book with him… a number of times… It’s “Tchou et ses amis”. It’s the story of how Postou the little post truck is sick and can’t deliver the parcels. Paul couldn’t care less about the story line, but he loves to point at the animals in the pictures, again and again, and I repeat their names again and again. That’s fun until the 20th time :-)

Today, we went to the local park to give old bread to ducks, to walk around a bit and let him play outside a bit. He loved that, especially when one duck let Paul chase her around !

Then we went back on the bike. I think Paul loves it about as much as me :)

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