How to act like an idiot and cost a free software project money

A few monthes ago, a user made us a €5 donation for Claws Mail’s Windows version. Then asked me over email and Facebook friend request for support on “error messages that pop is starting up prior to sm something da da da” (actual quote).


I just replied that this seemed like he’d need to enable POP before SMTP, and that he’d get better support on the users mailing list.

And this person then filed a chargeback at his credit card company, and consequently, Paypal withdrew €5 from my account, and withdrew an extra €16 the bank charged for processing.

This got me a little disgruntled, to say the least, so I sent Paypal screenshots of the user’s email support request and Facebook friend request, and Paypal forwarded those to the bank.

Yesterday I got news that the bank resolved this in our favor (and I do hope our indelicate user got a scolding :-)), and the €5 reappeared on my account.

The €16 processing charges, though, seem lost forever.


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