Claws Mail’s Fancy HTML rendering plugin on Windows

Finally, after adding four packages and a huge build-fix patch, I’ve been able to build Webkit inside our cross-building infrastructure. That made Fancy buildable and allows for a better, more stable HTML rendering than with the old Gtkhtml2Viewer plugin.

You can download and test it there: claws-mail-3.9.0cvs125pkg35.exe. Don’t forget to unload GtkHTML2 and load Fancy, of course.

Obligatory screenshot using some spam :webkit

I’ll publish it at the official place in a few days.

Did I mention it’s been painful?

Update: claws-mail-3.9.0cvs128-pkg37.exe fixes font issues on Windows 7.

4 comments on “Claws Mail’s Fancy HTML rendering plugin on Windows

  1. Colin, you are a star!

    Thanks for this, Claws is just the best…

  2. hello,
    But, Fancy not working behind proxy
    How to use the proxy parameters?

  3. Hi ,

    Unfortunately the Fancy plugin doesn’t work on my PC. I have Windows 7 and have wasted whole day to find the reason, find the proper dll’s and nothing. When I use fancy the page is blank. When I use GtkHtml2 it works. Any ideas why?

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