QuitCount: what did I save since smoking?

Paul (my friend, not my son) said to me some time ago, “Still obsessed with smoking, I see ;-)”. That made me realize that indeed, stopping smoking sometimes make me think more about it than I did when I smoked. I guess that’s rather logical, I’m still in the long process of readjustment (of my habits, my neurons and my brain). My sister quit years ago and still thinks of it from time to time, too. She showed me she still has a quit counter widget loaded on her Mac OS X, with really big numbers on it, and I looked for one on my XFCE desktop. I didn’t find any, though, so I wrote one myself :-)

Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby present you QuitCount, a little piece of software that has no other practical value than keeping yourself motivated if you try and quit smoking, and in a second phase, impressing yourself with big numbers (I already didn’t inhale more than 12 grams of tar).

You can also use it as a start counter to see how much you smoked since you started, but don’t; that’s scary.

Translators and packagers welcomed!