Binary release of Mastodon for the Apple //c

Due to popular demand, (at least two persons!), I’ve made a binary release of my Mastodon client for the Apple //c.

You can find it at Github: v1.0 release of a2tools

You can send the mastodon.dsk floppy image to your Apple 2 using ADTPro, which I won’t cover here.

You can then prepare the surl-server Raspberry by writing the raspios-buster-armhf-surl-server.img.gz file to a MicroSD card (gunzip it first!), and using it with a Raspberry connected to the network via Ethernet, and to the Apple 2 via the USB-serial cable, which other end will be plugged in the Apple 2 serial port #2.

After this, everything should work. If not, log onto the Raspberry using ssh and the pi/raspberry login. You can investigate the logs in /var/log/syslog.

Once in the Mastodon application on the Apple 2, make sure to configure it (O key) if you have a french keyboard, for charset conversion to/from UTF-8 (and I’d be glad to add other layouts if you know their charsets!)

I’d love to hear back about your thoughts!