Welcome to ; here you'll find the various things I [Colin Leroy] developed or helped on.

Open Source Software
duzzle duddle: A puzzle-bubble clone.
gtkplayer: A gtkWidget embedding mplayer, for use in Gtk apps.
Ayttm: A instant-messaging client, forked from everybuddy. It provides a single interface for multiple services (MSN,AIM,ICQ,Yahoo,...).
pan 0.11.4-bl: Pan newreader's latest GTK1 version, mix of the last release, the last CVS and my patches.
colinomail: A java mailer I wrote. Quite disabled compared to Claws Mail ;-)
JEPUT: an online personal finance manager (try it here(fr) or here(en)).
kenny: A command-line utility to "translate" normal-text to kenny-style text. See the original site.
lmanager: A simple shell script I use on my laptop to change network configuration
quickinstall: A simple shell script that automates the ./configure && make && make install process.
pciparse: A little utility dumping human-readable information about your PCI devices.
ics2ifb: This tool reads an ICS file and converts it to free/busy information to stdout. sparse: The Linux Static PARSEr (written by Linus Torvalds), in convenient tar.gz archive form for those of you who don't want to install bitkeeper.
Gnet: A set of utilities to handle ethernet, wifi and gprs connections.
libgnomeprint example: A little hello-world type application that demonstrate how to easily print with libgnomeprint.
patches: Little patches I wrote for various open-source software (and which didn't make it to CVS ;-) )

Happy to help developing Claws Mail: The best GUI mail client software :-)

My postfix' parameters to get rid of spam. They consist of four parts: The relevant parameters.
header_checks: File containing regexps of what I don't want in a mail's headers (Received, Subject,...).
body_checks: File containing regexps of forbidden things in a body (.exe attachments, ...).
forbid_from: File containing spammer (and non-friends) email addresses. Spamassin's local prefs file (scores etc). Spamassassin's g-a-p-p-y t*e*x*t rules.
Warning: Postfix, starting with version 2.0.10, now recognizes MIME headers from attachments (ie Filename and such) in header_checks instead of body_checks. So you may put most of my body_checks file in header_checks.

Windows to Linux migration: Discover which Open-source software you could use in order to replace your Windows software.
Hack your Powerbook: This file explains the strange things I had to install, configure and tweak in order to make my LinuxPPC work as heaven on my Powerbook. You'll also find here how to get DRI+XV running, how to overclock it etc. go
ext2 to ext3 2.2.x migration howto: Yann Marigo's "Howto convert your filesystems to ext3, using a 2.2 kernel on a Sun sparc". (in french)
apache+modssl+modphp: Another nice howto from Yann, explaining how to install apache (1.3) with modssl and modphp without having to rtfm :) (in French too)
My CV (in french)
Mail me (GPG key)
Testing Linux load with a fork bomb: Load at 300, then up to 1000, and going lower and lower after killing the forkbomb (Ctrl-C took over a minute to reach his target). Mouse was jerky during the test ;-)