Pan 0.11.4-bl
Changelog since 0.11.3:
- Handle UTF-8 decoding
- Cache file never shrinking bug fixed
- Add ability to download new headers (bodies) on startup
- Some menu changes
- Add ability to choose charset when posting
- Queue batch manipulation (internal mostly)
- X-Newsreader header refinement (adds OS/arch)
- Segfault fixed on exiting when there were problems writing data
- Article threading failures corrected
- Xref speedups
- Online/offline system
- "N articles selected" in window name
- Add format string to data dir
- Rot13 decoding of selected text
- its-already-selected-so-when-I-click-on-it-nothing-happens bug fixed
- Adds support for snews (NNTP over SSL)
- fixes bugs 72435,82262,82828,82865,84987,85725.