Newborns and your mental health

6.30 pm – baby eating
7.00 pm – father and mother start eating dinner while baby’s calm
7.10 pm – baby starts crying, parents postpone dinner
7.30 pm – baby eating
8.00 pm – finish dinner hastily while baby cries in the background
9.00 pm – baby still cries
10.00 pm – baby stopped crying, thanks to having his mouth full of milk
11.00 pm – baby cries again, pauses as you take him in your arms
11.30 pm – baby resumes crying after getting his diaper changed
12.30 pm – baby suddenly stops crying
12.31 pm – dad gets up in fear that baby stopped breathing.
12.32 pm – baby is breathing. notices dad, wakes up and starts crying again.
12.33 pm – dad hates himself.