patches/linux [back]

  Here are my little contributions to linux.
   wrote iBook's fan controller 
    (sent to Benjamin Herrenschmidt)
   patch to fix manual mute on tumbler chip 
   (sent to Takashi Awai)
   trivial PPC compilation fix 
    (sent to lkml)
   Fix oops in pmac_zilog 
    (sent to Benjamin Herrenschmidt)
   Fix cdc-acm probe() failing 
    (sent to Greg Kroah-Hartman)
   Cosmetic fixes for cdc-acm 
    (sent to Greg Kroah-Hartman)
   Fix DRM mismerge breaking agpgart
   fix saa7146 compilation
   Switch therm_adt746x to kthread API - part 1
   Switch therm_adt746x to kthread API - part 2
   therm_adt746x: various fixes
   fix ans-lcd compilation
   Let therm_adt746x handle Q1 2005 powerbooks
   Let FAT handle MS_SYNCHRONOUS flag
   Fix drivers/usb Makefile for zd1201
   Fix harmful typos in zd1201 (fixes monitor mode)
   Fix shared key auth in zd1201